New Year's Eve checklist


Is it really a new year? Isn't it just the same familiar bullshit, trapped on repeat? Aren't we just winding our way down to the inevitable cosmic fart cloud of 2012?

Hell no! It is a new year. And the shows we've got to make this annual exeunt worthwhile are enough to make this epitaph for the '08 calendar a worthy death mass. From Vampire Hands to Eyedea and Abilities, it's a night that leaves no appetite wanting. Enjoy it. 2009 is about to begin. Make it count.

The Loft

Hercules & Love Affair

DJ Klever

Le Castle Vania


Solid Gold


$45 . 18+ 

331 Club
A Night in the Box
The Brass Kings
9 p.m. 21+. Free.

7th Street Entry
Eyedea & Abilities
9 p.m. 18+. $15.00.

Big V's
Unicorn Basement
Haunted House
Beatrix Jar
9 p.m. 21+. $5.00

First Avenue
A Party We Can Believe In featuring:

Soviet Panda
Mike the 2600 King
DJ Smitty
Roy Freedom
8 p.m. 18+. $10.00 advance/$15.00 door

Hexagon Bar
Dance Band
Best Friends Forever
Fort Wilson Riot
9:00 P.M. 21+ $5.00 (includes one free drink)

Nomad World Pub
Military Special
The Invincible Kids

9:00 P.M. 21+. Free.
Turf Club
New Year's Eve cover band set featuring:

Vampire Hands as the Rolling stones
Daughters of the Sun as Led Zepplin
STNNNG as John Spencer Blues Explosion

DJ Winship between sets.
9 p.m. 21+ $5.00

Varsity Theater

Mark Mallman
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

8 P.M. 18+. $12.00