New Public Enemy available only at... Best Buy?

class=img_thumbleft>As Billboard reports, last time Public Enemy pissed off retailers was when the group released 1999's There's a Poison Going On exclusively over the internet a month before it hit stores. "This time, Public Enemy will give the album, New Whirl Odor [SLAMJamz Records], to Best Buy for an exclusive Oct. 4-Oct. 31 window, sources say. What is more, when the album--which is distributed by Graham, N.C.-based Redeye--is made available to retail Nov. 1, sources suggest it will not be the same version as Best Buy's. The label and distribution company decline to comment." A representative of the Minneapolis-based company tells Culture to Go that the album is the same as what will be released in a month, but that it doesn't include P.E.'s recent Katrina-response track "Hell No We Ain't Alright!" Look for a review in City Pages on Nov. 2, when you can buy it anywhere.

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