New Prince album, '20Ten,' due out July 22

New Prince album, '20Ten,' due out July 22

Prince has a new album nearing completion (album artwork is above), which will be released July 22 in the US and July 10 in the UK. The 10-song collection, 20Ten, will be dispersed throughout in the UK via daily newspapers and magazines, with issues of England's Daily Mirror, Scotland's Daily Record, and Belgium's Het Nieuwwsblad, and Germany's copies of Rolling Stone all including his new CD. In the US, it's expected Prince will release the disc traditionally through a label.

The track listing for 20Ten is below -- note that it doesn't include the singles Prince has released recently, "Hot Summer" and "Cause and Effect," so we're holding out hope the record will be devoid of the fake crowd noise, handclaps, and cheese that turned us off on those songs.

  1. Compassion
  2. Endlessly Beginning
  3. Future Soul Song
  4. Sticky Like Glue
  5. Lavaux
  6. Act Of God
  7. Walk In Sand
  8. Sea Of Everything
  9. Everybody Loves Me
  10. Untitled Bonus Track

All songs were recorded at Paisley Park, and Maceo Parker is said to be a contributor on the record. The album already has its own Wikipedia page.

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