New P.O.S. promo video goes online

The hotly anticipated release of Never Better, P.O.S's third full length, is only eight days away and sure enough, tributary streams are beginning to trickle out. "Drumroll," a single from the album, leaked last week on Absolute Punk, and arriving today is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of its music video.

It's a two minute teaser trailer of the most deliciously excruciating stripe-- the lion's share of the promo video is composed of handcam looks at the set of the video, of cast and crew running hither and thither, and of P.O.S. trying desperately to stay warm during a December shoot outdoors in Minnesota.

But the finished footage of the music video, which is peppered into the promo in two and three second shakes, indicates new levels of creativity and production values for the local rapper.  Bombs, fires, gunfire, smoke. Extras. The gleam of celluloid. As P.O.S. sprints from grain mill to burned out car, past trash fires and bursting squibs, followed breathlessly by a SteadyCam, the footage seems to smartly echo the visually arresting, unerringly hip brutalities of Children of Men.

It's a hell of a tease-- the best kind. And you've got scarcely more than a week to wait.

Never Better is released on Tuesday, February 3, through Rhymesayer's Entertainment.