New Peaches record drops today


Peaches-- you can't imagine how much fun she's having.

Is Peaches the most surprising success in indie rock, or the least surprising? Is her continued popularity a proof of her talent, or of our appetite for a gimmick expertly executed?

Hard to say. If only Peaches didn't make answering those questions so damned difficult. But then, there's never been anything particularly easy about Peaches (with a few notable exceptions, if you get our drift). In any case, it's hard to imagine that anyone, after Peaches' outstanding debut with Teaches of Peaches, would have stuck around for this many years and albums, but today, I Feel Cream hits U.S. store shelves, marking her 4th album and 9th year in action.

"Talk to Me," the first single off of Peaches' new album I Feel Cream.

For a full review, you'll have to check back tomorrow. But for now, treat yourself to the video for "Talk to Me," the first single from the new album. The video and the song haven't exactly lit Gimme Noise's pants on fire. In fact, nothing she's released in the last 9 years has managed to match the brilliant pornographic haiku that was the infamous Teaches. As time has gone on, her production has shown too little evolution, her reliance upon bawdy sexuality has become only more absurd, her tongue nearly bursting through her cheek, and her grasps at greater themes have all left her flat on her face.

All the same, cream is netting good advance press (make sure to tune in tomorrow for Gimme Noise's take on it), and a tour is certain to follow (if her First avenue performance a few years ago when she was touring behind Fatherfucker is any indication, it'll be a death defying show that should not be missed no matter how dire the extenuating circumstances are).

And, yeah-- we'll admit it. We're partial to Peaches, even if her recent releases haven't made that fandom a cake walk. Even if she isn't being genius at a particular moment, Peaches is-- yes, we'll say it-- important. She is good for the world. She is crass and funny in a time of great austerity. She is an acrobatic performer in an age of sullen shoe gazing. She is a loudmouthed woman in a quiet ebb of  feminist action.

Oh yeah. And she's one hell of a rock star. Tune in tomorrow for the dirt on the new disc. For now, go out and pick up I Feel Cream. Whether or not you're a fan, it's $15.00 you can feel good about spending.