New Minnesota Twins ad features the Decemberists' "January Hymn"

New Minnesota Twins ad features the Decemberists' "January Hymn"

A new Minnesota Twins ad proves that anticipation for the 2013 Major League Baseball season and the snow still lingering on the ground don't have to be mutually exclusive. Anyone who needs something to interrupt the perpetual grumbling about winter should immediately check out this love letter to our lakes, the ice, and all the rest set to the Decemberists' "January Hymn." It's earnest, and certainly can fly with a certain brand of local music fan.

Set at the teeny little "forgotten" Brownie Lake located just north of Cedar Lake -- and not terribly far from Target Field, come to think of it -- this project created by Jonathan Chapman Photography and co. is a carefully structured piece of Americana that might even have a person pining for a few more cold days before the grass starts growing. Or not.

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In it, the youths appear to be clearing off the Brownie Lake with shovels and ice skates with a hockey game in mind, but as the tagline suggests, "It's time to start thinking baseball."

Chapman notes:

Pre-production involved creating an accurate baseball diamond the day before by having our team outline the shape of the ball field with a 100' measuring tape and shovels to remove enough snow to reach the base level of the lake.

A 30-second version of the clip is already airing on TV as we await opening day on April 1.

MN Twins "Winter Baseball" from Jonathan Chapman / JCP on Vimeo.

And, to continue with the dulcet tones of Colin Meloy's voice, here's "January Hymn" in its entirity from 2011's The King is Dead. This was probably not one of Dan Edwards's picks.

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