New Labor to release debut 7"

New Labor to release debut 7"

Since forming in 2008, the New Labor has played throughout town without any recorded material. That will soon change with a September 4th release show at the Hexagon.

"From time to time," singer Andy Bauer explains, "we'll take a month or two off to fuck around with other stuff like water skiing in Tommy Bartlett's ski show or learning to juggle while riding a unicycle or whatever." That lack of focus on a single subject just may explain the spastic nature of their self-titled debut.

The band, featuring former members of the Amish Armada, has four songs so full of life that they couldn't fit a fifth on the record (and, consequently, included it on the free download that comes with purchase). While the tempo and range of influence on their self-titled 7" is all over the place, Nomeansno immediately comes to mind with maybe a touch of early Mr. Bungle. As for Bauer's warbling vocals, think Jello Biafra, but in place of angry screams, Bauer favors a manic, crooning style that follows Mike Pinter's jazzy basslines instead of a traditional verse chorus verse build-up.

The band isn't afraid to momentarily slow things down. "Airports and Burger Kings" begins with a mid-tempo, melodic bit, followed by a jazzy breakdown, and then a sped-up, repeated first verse. The songwriting isn't structured purely around ADHD tempo-changes, but on creative segues and rising action while the lyrics tend to take a comedic concept, but with a deeper metaphoric quality, as expressed in "Sex-Ray Specs," as Bauer reflects: "These sex-ray specs have made a monster out of me."

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New Labor to release debut 7"

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