New distributor for Minneapolis-based Bukowski film



, the Bent Hamer film with Matt Dillon playing Charles Bukowski's alter-ego, Henry Chinaski, has been given a second lease on theatrical life in the United States-- IFC Films picked it up at the Sundance FIlm Festival after the picture's first distributor dropped it. The film was shot around Minneapolis, which filled in for '70s-era L.A. It's a good, not great, Bukowski movie (his own


is still the standard, although

Crazy Love

comes close). Dillon is decent as Buk, but he's just too clean. Still, some moments soar, like this exchange between Chinaski and a new friend.

Chinaski: Do you have a woman? Friend: No, if you have a woman, all they want you to do is fuck 'em all the time. Chinaski: Get a woman you like to fuck. Friend: No, because if you wanna go out and drink, or you wanna go out and gamble, they don't like it because it's time away from them. Chinaski: Well, maybe you need a woman who likes to fuck, drink and gamble. Friend: Who wants a woman like that?

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