New Broad City season kicks off with Lizzo and Caroline Smith song

Abbi and Llana getting silly in their respective bathrooms.

Abbi and Llana getting silly in their respective bathrooms.

Yas queens: Season three of TV's smash hit Broad City kicks off Wednesday with some serious Twin Cities flavor. 

The opening scene of the first episode, which premieres 9 p.m. on Comedy Central, has our heroes Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) in a time-jump montage featuring hairbrush karaoke, creative grooming, rats, The Dress, bongs, Hannibal Buress blowjobs, and many more wacky whathaveyous. 

But what's that infectious pop song playing in the background? Well, inquisitive reader, it's none other than "Let 'Em Say," the 2014 joint from Minneapolis music stars Lizzo and Caroline Smith. Check out the clip here: 

"Y'all better tune into Broad City tomorrow," Smith said yesterday via Facebook. "They got Lizzo and I kicking off the season with 'Let Em Say' and I couldn't be more honored. Smh Abbi and Ilana are the absolute shit."

On "Let 'Em Say," the charismatic interplay between Lizzo and Smith — who we'd like to imagine are total besties — mirrors the dynamic between BC stars/certified total besties Abbi and Ilana. The synth-funk beat for the breezy, ridiculously catchy empowerment anthem comes courtesy of another Twin Citian: Elliot "Tickle Torture" Kozel. 

"I mean that’s why I love working with that bad bitch," Smith told Noisey of the Lizzo collab, "because she ramps me up so much and together our productivity is ridiculous." 

Earlier this month, Lizzo slayed her triumphant debut as a First Avenue headliner. On April 16, Smith will cap her brief spring tour with a headlining gig at First Ave. 

Here's the official music video for "Let 'Em Say," in which Lizzo and Smith skip down Lake Street sipping vodka-lemonades and prove they're cooler than the rest of us.