Nest creates a home tonight

Local artists Amy Rice and Terrence Payne are mostly known for their stencil art, paintings, and silk screen work. Together, they have collaborated on an entirely new project: Sotheby’s Realty has opened up a space for the artists to turn their art into a home.

Both artists have flourished in the 2–D art world, but this project is firmly planted in 3–D; Rice and Payne have applied their creativity and style to home decor, furniture, and textiles. Pieces are bright and reminiscent of past works, pieces include a desk with a panel of flowers painted on the side, little devils running amongst pink choral on textiles, and chairs that pop with orange so brightly you can almost taste them.

Tonight marks the opening celebration for Nest, where art enthusiasts can walk amongst the work in what might be the homiest gallery show this year. The party runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Nest is located at the Alcoa House, in St Louis Park (8000 Westwood Hills Dr.). You can check out the Nest blog here.

Nest creates a home tonight

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