If you thought fansites for legitimate celebrities were bad, check out these fansites for/by celebrity siblings.

Frank Stallone: That Stallone on Stallone "greatest hits" album sounds absolutely irresistable.

Haylie Duff: Wait, if this site is, why is it all about Hilary? Hilary, Hilary, Hilary! God. And why the "dot-org" suffix? Is it because Haylie is still, unfortunately, a not-for-profit actress? Burn!

Don Swayze: Not much to see here. He should erect fencing around that chin-dimple to keep infants from falling in.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Since Jamie Lynn has landed a starring role on a Nickelodeon tween show (Zoey 101), I suppose she qualifies as an actual celebrity. But that doesn't change the fact that she's a weak Sanka-like substitute for prime-era Britney.

Emma Roberts: Though merely the spawn of a celebrity sib, Julia Roberts' photogenic niece still managed to get her own show on Nickelodeon (Unfabulous). What, is Nickelodeon the official first stop on the Nepotism Express? Looking at those photos, you can just hear Eric Roberts coaching his daughter. "Smile wider, muffin. Play up the resemblance!"

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