Nepal is so 1997

Cameron Diaz brings new show, sanctimonious attitude to MTV

Last night Trippin, a new series executive-produced by Cameron Diaz, premiered on MTV. If you've ever fantasized about seeing Diaz frolic with a chimp (and Being John Malkovich proved insufficient), then this is the show for you. Actually, Trippin is sure to be a boon for those MTV viewers who felt Wildboyz was too educational. As Diaz declares upon finding a pile of rhino dung, "It all comes back to poo!"

In last night's episode, Diaz traveled to Nepal with her "good friends" Eva Mendes, Redman, and that dude from Blink 182. (Not Travis Barker and not the screamy one with the pierced lip. The other guy.) When Redman's not puffing a blunt and describing the Nepalese villagers as "pimpin'," Diaz is cheerfully planting trees and working a major Pollyanna 'tude. And it's hard not to snicker when Eva Mendes bursts into tears and says "How can there be any hatred in the world? We're all the same! WE'RE ALL THE SAME!" Yeah, we get it, Earnest Celebrity. Now go touch up that tear-streaked bronzer. 

Also, Cameron wants everyone to buy a hybrid SUV. I'll get right on that!

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