Neon Indian releasing custom synthesizer with new album pre-order

Alan Palomo, musician/synthesizer wizard

Alan Palomo, musician/synthesizer wizard

These days, it's not surprising to find bands offering increasingly elaborate album packages available for pre-order. T-shirts, posters, 45 rpm singles, and even marijuana-flavored gummy skulls (by the Flaming Lips, of course) are all par for the course. Everyone's trying to figure out a way to get listeners to actually pay for music.

But chillwave mainstay Neon Indian might just take the cake for the most innovative pre-order package: according to Pitchfork, frontman Alan Palomo has designed a mini analog synthesizer in conjunction with Bleep Labs, available for pre-order with the deluxe package of his new album, Era Extraña.


For only $49.99, you can get a vinyl and CD copy of the album, an exclusive t-shirt, a poster, and the PAL198X synthesizer, which Palomo designed in conjunction with Bleep Labs. This isn't a giant old Moog synthesizer though; this thing doesn't even have a keyboard. The synth itself looks tiny; it was based on Bleep Labs' Pico Paso synthesizer, which looks as though it fits in the palm of a hand.

Apparently, the synth can even interact with household objects and pets, according to a quote from Palomo. Based on that sample below, it's hard to tell exactly what is making all of those space sounds.

Read more over at Pitchfork, and pre-order the little bugger for yourself at Neon Indian's website. Era Extraña drops September 13th via Palomo's Static Tongues imprint.

PAL198X by Dr. Bleep

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