Nelly and General Mills debut Honey Nut Cheerios commercial

Earlier this year, St. Lunatic rapper and businessman Nelly was spotted in the Twin Cities. He took in a Timberwolves game, ate some decadent dessert, and spent some quality time at General Mills.

It wasn't too much of a stretch to imagine that he'd be here developing an ad campaign for Honey Nut Cheerios, one of GM's signature cereals. After all, "Ride Wit Me" might as well be called "Must Be the Money" for the number of times the phrase is repeated throughout the 2001 hit. And you only need to change one letter to arrive at #MustBeTheHoney. Today, suspicions turned to sweetened reality. The first offering of five ads, helmed by hip-hop video/film director Hype Williams, emerged.

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In the clip, Nelly gives Buzz the Bee a new look and makes the cereal box look like it was refaced by Jacob the Jeweler. And yes, there's some Auto-Tune.

Look for a full version of "Must Be the Honey (M.B.T.H.)" coming at some point. Here's the clip, filmed in a very tidy kitchen:

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