Need live music? Local artists are streaming concerts so we can all stay safe at home.

DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Lydia Liza

DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Lydia Liza

Not planning on leaving your house for a while? Us either.

The local music community has been through a lot recently as a result of COVID-19. Once brave and betting on going to SXSW regardless of cancellation, artists are now wisely deciding to stick close to home. DIY venues are closing indefinitely and First Avenue has postponed all shows at all its venues, as have most other major clubs and concert halls.

You know what they say about the show, though? About it going on?

Well, local artists will turn to live-streaming to deliver the good ol’ live entertainment we need right to our screens. The lineups will be different and costumes perhaps a bit more chill. But if Jeremy Messersmith has any say in the matter, the sound will be good.

While we’ve sadly missed the Minnesota Orchestra’s live performance this weekend, Bad Bad Hats’ first online showcase and the first “stop” of Nur-D’s “Quarantined World Tour” (see below), there are plenty more where these came from. Here’s our roundup of livestreamed local shows to tune into, to be frequently updated.

Thanks for staying in, and please remember to tip your entertainers.

Wednesday, March 18

Flip Phone's "Quarantine Chic"
The dance-party organizers have had to cancel two dozen events recently; they're making up for that with  a 24-hour drag show.
When and where: Noon via Instagram or Facebook

Katy Vernon, “Live From Home”
The ukulele-toting songwriter warns, “Dogs may interrupt.”
When and Where: 5 p.m. at or Facebook
Donate: Venmo @katyvernonmusic

Nick Costa
A residency! For the next few weeks, the 4onthefloor guitarist/writer of his own things will be live every Wednesday on multiple social media sites. Venmo him with a request before the show and he’ll practice, Venmo him during and he’ll wing it (“which is fun in its own way”).
When and where: 6 p.m. on Instagram and Facebook
Donate: Venmo @nick-Costa-6

Thursday March 19

Nur-D’s “Quarantined World Tour”
There’s even a poster for it. “W/ #COVID-19 leaving artists suddenly w/o income I thought of an idea to help,” wrote the rapper on Twitter when he announced his 100% live-streamed concert tour. Each date will have a different lineup and will be broadcast free. A Venmo has been set up as a general fund to donate to affected artists.
When and where: Twitter live with Yam Haus and Student 1. Also March 21 and 22 on Facebook, with more to come.
Donate: @MNArtistRelief and individual artist Venmos

Dan Israel
The artist’s latest album is called Social Media Anxiety Disorder—not the greatest diagnosis at this time, but certainly not the worst. Thursday, Dan Israel will come to us “live from his living room” in St. Louis Park to play some music and “maybe talk a bit.”
When and where: 7:30 p.m. on Facebook
Donate: GoFundMe, Paypal [email protected],Venmo @DanIsraelMusic

Coyote Kid
After trying out the live-streaming thing on Sunday, Coyote Kid is back on Thursday for some midweek streaming. Before the show goes live think of what you might like to hear—they’re taking requests.
When and where: March 19, 7 p.m. on Facebook
Donate:Venmo @Coyote-Kid

DJ Shannon Blowtorch’s Quarantine Dance Parties
“The thought of public dance parties right now makes my gut drop,” wrote the DJ on Twitter. Private dance parties though? That’s a different story. Broadcasting from Instagram Live and Twitch, Blowtorch invites everyone to start moving—no pants required. The next event will be kid-friendly, and if you can’t wait the first show is available to re-watch here.
When and where: 3-5 p.m on Instagram and Twitch
Donate: $shannonBlowtorch on CashApp

Ongoing and TBD

Gaelynn Lea Live
Having had to reschedule her March shows, Gaelynn Lea is planning some live virtual ticketed concerts. One potential date is St. Patrick’s Day; drop some green food-coloring in your favorite home beverage and tune in.
When and where: Vote for your favorite date and time here
Donate: Buy tickets to shows, join Lea’s Patreon, or download music on Bandcamp

Lydia Liza’s Live Script Readings
The past couple of days, Lydia Liza has gone live on Instagram at around 8 p.m. to read a movie script. She did The Cable Guy, then Goodfellas (complete with stage makeup). Scrolling endlessly through Netflix is already too much, so it’s nice to have something chosen for us. Just please no Contagion.
When and where: Every night (so far) at 8 p.m. on Instagram
Donate: Venmo @lydia-hoglund

Got a tip on a hot local livestream? Email Sophie Vilensky with the details at [email protected]