Nedelle Torrisi Filmed a Music Video Illegally at Target

Here's Nedelle Torrisi from Target.

Here's Nedelle Torrisi from Target.

Kudos to Nedelle Torrisi (Cryptacize, Sufjan Stevens, Ariel Pink) for infiltrating a Target to for her latest music video. The song showcased is "Don't Play Dumb," from the Los Angeles synth-pop vocalist's Advice From Paradise, a vinyl reissue of her 2013 self-titled LP.

Combining the detached ennui of Lana Del Rey with firmly working-class imagery, Torrisi created some guerrilla footage of herself portraying one of the tireless men and women in red working at the ubiquitous department store chain with Minnesota roots. The swirling keyboard washes paired with her muted facial expressions as she puts away paper towels and cat food are enough to stir flashbacks of retail work past, so avoid showing this to anyone whose wounds are still raw from such experiences.

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According to Stereogum, she and director Travis Peterson were booted from Target twice while creating this clip. Permits or no permits, it seems like it shouldn't be a big deal. Though she does make it painfully clear that the average Target employee is around enormous flatscreen TVs all day and then probably has to watch Family Guy on a laptop after work.

Torrisi also uses her laptop to maintain a column helping build better relationships that shares the name of her album, Advice From Paradise. The vinyl arrives via Ethereal Sequence Records on February 17.


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