Naughty! The Rubberball at Ground Zero

In the world of specific kinky subcultures, the rubber fetishists may just be the most visually dazzling.

On Saturday, April 25th, Ground Zero hosted The 15th annual Rubberball-a rubber fetish costume spectacular. Enthusiasts donned their rubbery finest and mixed with more traditional bondage outfitted partiers (yes, the bondage wearers were the conservatives). Plus, many lovely ladies with jacked-up bosoms garnered well-deserved attention.

A recurring sight throughout the evening was guys and gals leading their partners around by neck chains--the most creative of which led her man, who happened to be on all fours and dressed like a horse, around by the reins. Yee haw!

Photos by Steve Neuharth

Photos by Steve Neuharth

And, oh yes, there was lots of assless chaps. Many a winter-white booty said hello to the crowd.

The rubber wear was lavish and impressive--from full on Marie Antoinette style gowns, nurses, superheros, and Mexican wrestling inspired masks and body suits--some with as much of five layers of rubber--which did beg the question, how do you avoid chaffing and rashes?

An especially eerie effect was created by the wearers of expressionless rubber masks, like in that stupid Tom Cruise movie. When combined with the industrial music and ultra dark lighting in Ground Zero, you were left with a super-spooky anonymous-sex vibe that was perfect for this event.

Like a kinky state fair, spanking and bondage booths were in full swing (gross) throughout the evening, as well as whips and various accouterments for sale. Many of the sellers and participants looked just like the average guy and gal next door or mid-level Target executive--which is probably exactly who they are.

Master of ceremonies and fetish icon Jean Bardot with her innuendo filled monologues, rallied the crowd. Stage performances were fun and kinky; especially riveting was a skit featuring a rubber clad nun and a naughty school girl--I think you get the idea. Designer Vex was featured in the fashion show that featured foxy club-wear as well as more fetish orientated garb.

As the costumed masses piled out into the streets of late night Minneapolis passersby were treated to the marvel of superheroes, nurses and nuns bearing naughty bits in the breeze-a beautiful spectacle of those willing to go all out when getting their freak on.