Nature: Not just the green level on a video game

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the average child spends around 44 hours a week sitting in front of a television screen watching TV or playing video games, and sitting in front of computer screens. That’s more than a full–time job.

This Saturday, kids are encouraged to get in touch with nature for the Great American Backyard Campout by turning off the laptops and Wiis and camping out in the backyard. Adults can help spread the enthusiasm as well (remember the 60s and 70s when nature was cool?). So pitch a tent, bring some snacks, and a scary story. You don’t have to reside in rural areas to enjoy nature; the suburbs are also a great place to listen to the sounds of crickets chirping and point out the constellations in the sky. There’s no excuse for us city folk either. Though the stars are hard to see and nighttime sounds are mostly attributed to drunk people walking home from bars and loud random firework being set off, there is still nature to be had. Check Minneapolis Parks and Rec for the closest lake, public beach, park, or trail nearest to you and take a summertime stroll.

For more info on the Great American Campout check out their website here, where they list packing tips, recipes, nature guides, and other fun facts.

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