Nadastrom heading up Honeymoon 'Rap Video Party' at the VIP

Maybe your coworkers throw theme parties.  You know the type; everyone comes dressed as their favorite movie monster or SNL character or Bond villain, you all get smashed on box wine and end up making out with someone from Accounting.  Hey, these things happen.  But, enterprising locals The Moongoons are determined to take the concept of the theme party and detonate it, making their monthly Honeymoon one of the Cities' most high-profile events in the process.  Tonight's theme is "Rap Video," so it's high time to break out the puffy coats, obnoxious bling, and stacks of cash (real or Monopoly) with which to make it rain in First Ave's VIP Room.  Don't lie.  You always wanted to do that.

Aside from crafting a unique atmosphere, The 'Goons have attracted some of the finest talent from all over the country, making sure that each outing not only looks like a party, but sounds like one, too.  Tonight, Honeymoon will host super-duo Nadastrom, the combined might of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom.  Apart, the pair have DJ and production accolades galore, with Nada being handpicked by east coast booking kingpins AM Only and Nordstrom engineering for dance heavies like Deep Dish.  Together, their talents have been showcased in a string of well-received releases and exclusive DJ sets all over the world.  Skipping genre tags in favor of simply rocking dancefloors, Nadastrom is poised to give the city a pleasantly jarring dose of new cuts and exclusive remixes.


Sure, you could work up a sweat just digging that old Starter jacket out of your closet, but be sure to save some energy for the floor--you're going to need it.  Luckily, you've got a whole month to recover before the next Honeymoon rolls around, so you can afford to go all out this evening.  Beats cheap vino (and dodging that guy from the next cube over) any day of the week.

Want more Nadastrom?  Lots of free tracks here, and a free set here.  RSVP at

Honeymoon 19 feat. Nadastrom - First Ave. VIP Room - Friday, February 20th, 2009. 18+, 10pm - 2am, $3 w/ RSVP.