Myth Nightclub's reopening brings 11 police visits


As we reported back in January, the building that houses Myth Nightclub in Maplewood has been leased to a new tenant, longtime Myth employee Mike Miranowski, and the club is eager to get back into the nightlife business. They reopened their doors for a soft launch on Saturday, but things are off to a shaky start so far: their first night back in business resulted in 11 calls to the police.

[jump] Miranowski told the Pioneer Press that 1,500 people turned out to the club's reopening, while club manager Ryan Kovaleski put the estimate closer to 1,800 when he talked to Kare-11. Both men painted the night in a positive light to the news outlets -- Miranowski said there were "people clamoring to get in" and he "had to turn people away" -- but area police and city management tell a very different story about the venue's first night back in business.

The police were called to the venue 11 times over the course of the night for reasons "ranging from disorderly conduct to underage alcohol to requests for detox," Kare-11 reports. City leaders are optimistic that Miranowski will be able to turn things around, but stress that they are keeping a close eye on the club.

The venue is currently authorized to hold 1,500 people, and Miranowski is petitioning to secure additional parking so he can raise the capacity back to the originally permitted 3,000.

Myth closed suddenly back in August of 2009, and a subsequent investigation into the closing uncovered a big financial mess and found the owner and his investor gridlocked in an ongoing legal dispute.

In other news, Myth's domain name is still for sale. Any takers?