My Lady Four releases 'In This Life or Next' at Station 4 tonight

Ever gracious and funny, My Lady Four is gearing up for the CD release, In This Life or the Next, at Station 4 tonight. We caught up with Francis Fisher and Brian "Carp" Carpenter for five quick questions.

Band members: Brian Schwarz, Brian Carpenter, Francis Fisher, Peter Iversen

CD Release date: 4/22/2011, In This Life or the Next

Station 4, AA, $10, 5 pm

Gimme Noise: What would you be doing if you weren't a musician?

Francis: I would be sitting in coffee shops, drawing and drinking coffee by the pots.

Carp: I would be rich.

What's your favorite local band?

Francis: Hyland.

Carp: New Medicine...they are amazing.

Favorite local venue to play?

Francis: The Varsity, it's always a classy night when we play there.

Carp: Station 4, because the people there are great to work with and the crowds know how to have a good time.

Favorite place to eat/drink in the Twin Cities?

Francis: Gastoffs.

Carp: Leaning Tower of Pizza.  Lots of great band memories there.

Finish this statement: Never have I ever...

Francis: ...wanted to go back on tour more than now!

Carp: ...won the game "Never Have I Ever".*

* Never Have I Ever was created by Carp on a long winter's night.

Disclaimer: My Lady Four is promotion managed by Gimme Noise intern Youa Vang.

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