My Cousin Roy to spark disco inferno at the Kitty Cat


According to most people who lived through the 70's, disco is dead, handily run over by the arena rock bandwagon. But to paraphrase another 70's staple, we can rebuild it -- we have the technology. Now that glam-obsessed dance music is once again en vogue, various acts have raided the tomb of disco for tracks and samples that haven't seen the light of day (or the neon of the nightclub) for nearly 30 years. Like Dr. Frankenstein, NYC producer and DJ My Cousin Roy is something of a hybrid between a grave robber and a surgeon, cutting his favorite chunks out of those forgotten records and digitally sewing them together in order to make a kind or super-groove. Judging from the support he's received from dance music's old guard as well as its up-and-comers, his funky monsters are most definitely alive.


Even Roy's record label, Wurst Edits, has a bit of a retro fetish, with all releases appearing on vinyl at a time when digital formats seem to be the rule rather than the exception. Even so, all this reverence for the past has paved a way for Roy to move into the future, and he's built quite a reputation via the label, popular NY parties, and fistfulls of positive feedback all over the web. Roy has stopped into Minneapolis before to play at a packed Too Much Love (and he'll do it again this Saturday), but if you'd prefer to catch him in a more intimate setting, come to the Kitty Cat Club tonight for Hotel, a free dance event held the first Friday of the month. Whether it's 2008 or 1978, disco is always party music, and tonight, you can hear the hand-picked best parts without fear of The Village People or ABBA...or a cover charge.


Hotel w/ My Cousin Roy, Phep Sheddibone, and Spanky Masterson @ The Kitty Cat Klub, Friday, Dec. 5th
10pm - 2am, 21+, Free