My Cousin Roy to bring the Wurst to TML

My Cousin Roy to bring the Wurst to TML
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Sausage-obsessed DJ My Cousin Roy, aka Roy Dank, has been super busy lately. Actually, it's kind of unfair to refer to him only as a DJ, since Roy juggles spinning records all over the world, throwing parties, making tracks, and running both a record and clothing label out of NYC. 

Sure, it all seems like good work if you can get it, but to pull every one of them off with a flair for funk, sharp lines, and professionalism is an undertaking on par with becoming a handicapped astronaut--you can hit the stars, but you're going to have to work twice as hard as everyone else. It's admirable; not only does Roy want to make our nation's hipsters freak out on the dancefloor, he wants to clothe them, too. Some of them could use the help.

Roy was chopping disco samples and sewing them back together into slinky patchwork grooves when he started the Wurst Edits label, which (after some high profile nods from the likes of LCD Soundsystem) has now evolved into The Wurst Music Co., no longer content with confining itself to the realm of reworked beats. Mr. Dank has also paired up with fellow producer Nick Chacona to form Beg To Differ, turning out gorgeous remixes full of snappy drums and cascading neon synths. If that's not enough, a gig at First Ave in '08 led to teaming up with Josh Clancy and Travis Stearns (of Moongoons fame) for much-hyped clothing line The Wurst Editions, focusing on making stylish, clean-looking threads (there's no hot dog suit available at the moment, though).

Or is there?
Or is there?

Or is there?

My Cousin Roy returns to First Ave. this Saturday for Too Much Love, bringing a crate full of fire in tow.  Each time Roy has stopped by our fair city (or cities, rather) in the past, he's torn roofs off with a mix of obscure disco, jacked-up house, and indie-leaning deep cuts, and this round promises even more killer tracks, expertly stitched together.  If you're looking for dance music with more meat and less cheese (or maybe if you're a Project Runway acolyte hoping for a closer look at his line of clothes), it'll be tough to find a more satisfying show.

Click here for Roy's XLR8R podcast

Too Much Love feat. My Cousin Roy and hosted by Sovietpanda. Saturday, October 2. 10 p.m. 18+. $3. First Ave Mainroom. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612-338-8388.

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