Mux Mool makes beats and makes out (VIDEO)

Having decamped from Minneapolis to Brooklyn about two years ago, Mux Mool has been working near-constant since, touring and writing and remixing and partying in advance of what may could be a big year for Mr. Lindgren. He's been shouted out as "New Band of the Day" by The Guardian and is receiving myriad huzzahs for his first full-length Skulltaste, released in April by one of the most-respected most-extant current electronic labels, Ghostly International.

He makes his music with a computer, sure, but the past few years of development under that umbrella have yielded electronical artists putting out work as organic-feeling and breathy as any corporeal band. It's been a long goddamn time since Crystal Method and Oakenfold ruled the night -- peruse the Moodgadget site and prove it (or actually don't right now, it's being rebuilt).

Here is a video that's part short interview, part time-lapse drawing study, and part slightly booby live footage from Mux Mool's recent performance at The Loft in Barfly, shot by MPLS.TV collaborator Dan Huiting. "DJ Giant Wiener," huh?

Mux Mool, "Hog Knuckles"

Mux Mool, "Death 9000"

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