Mute Era and Fuck Knights bookend tonight's Turf bill


Mute Era, photographed by jasoniswaycool.

We're not quite sure what bee got into who's bonet at the Turf club this week, but there isn't a dark, or even dim, day on their schedule this week. Gay Beast on Monday, France Has The Bomb yesterday, Lucky Jeremy tomorrow...

But tonight may be the real ostrich feather of the bunch-- Mute Era and Fuck Knights will bookend a bill that puts the Softrocks and Double Dagger in the middle. Through and through, it's a superb show, and not just because Mute Era doesn't play out nearly as much as we wish they did.

Mute Era has become a most slippery fish in the last year of their lifespan. Not too long ago, their name was a fixture on local bills from Big V's to Mxxxxx, from the Triple Rock to Oxxxx Hxxxx (sorry for the x'es, folks-- it's CYA time for this wearied blogger).

But the two-piece has become reclusive and quiet, playing out once in only a great while. As was evidenced by their spot in support of Gospel Gossip at their recent record release show, demand for their acid flashback, looping rock and roll hasn't decreased in the slightest.

In truth, their reclusiveness only adds to Mute Era's mystique. They have always been a band difficult to fully understand-- you wanted to dance, but were double dog dared to be some particularly strident, noisy turns on Sho Nikaido's guiatr effects. You wanted to stand agape but were compelled to move buns by Jessica Driscoll's drumming. The end result was quixotic and infectious. And since their live perofmrances seem to be growing few and far betwixt, we strongly advise you to show up.

As for Fuck Knights, their shows are a perfect blend of the predictable and the impossible. Will you see a show packed with innovative covers, or their infectious original material? Will drummer GD Mills trash his kit on stage, or be well behaved? With Fuck Knights, it never matters. They are simply among the very best live rock experiences the town offers, period.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $4.00. With Double Dagger and the Softrocks. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.