Music in the Zoo will continue regardless of government shutdown


With the countdown to the Minnesota state government shutdown nearing the final hour, many have questioned whether the concerts at the Minnesota Zoo -- which is partially funded by the state and hires state employees to staff its grounds -- would need to be rescheduled or relocated if the shutdown occurs.

But whether Zoo itself closes, concert promoters Sue McLean have said that their scheduled concerts, including tomorrow and Saturday night's appearances by the Monkees, will still go off without a hitch.

[jump] "The SUBWAY Music in the Zoo concert series will proceed as planned if the Minnesota Zoo does have to shut down," the promoters said in a statement. "Concerts will continue to take place at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater in Apple Valley and all ticket holders will be admitted to the venue beginning at 6 p.m. on the day of the show."

MPR is also reporting that the Zoo will attempt to remain open during the shutdown, as they have enough revenue saved that they could operate for up to two months without funding from the state.