Murs + ? + Slug = Felt 3

Well, this is ominous. A while back, we were tipped off to the fact that Slug of Atmosphere and Murs were collaborating on the third installment of their Felt series, another in a line of fantastic collaborations between the indie hip-hop artists. Now, a cryptic message has started circulating around the web about Felt 3, and it looks as if the new record will be a trio: Slug, Murs, and a mystery artist.

Also, for those of us who have been pondering to whom they might dedicate the latest installment (the first two were tributes to Lisa Bonet and Christina Ricci), we now have a clue: the next honoree, who will presumably be another actress, is hinted at with a series of dashes, hangman-style.

Halle Berry? Rosie Perez? Salma Hayek? Post your own guesses in the comments.