Murs. Kidz In The Hall sell out the Entry

Despite his latest album title, "MURS for President," the crazy-haired L.A. MC isn't actually making a run at the oval office. Nevertheless, it's a sure bet that his tour bus is a lot more lively than those of presidential hopefuls Barack Obama or that other dude from Mel Gibson's classic, "Maverick." Put simply, MURS and company just know how to party.

Murs. Kidz In The Hall sell out the Entry

Murs flanked by Kidz In The Hall - Photo by Christina Rimstad


The tour bus rolled up to a sold out 7th St. Entry on Friday night, with Chicago's Kidz in the Hall and Tucson's Isaiah riding shotgun.  The three acts have been on an extensive road swing, hitting both coasts and everywhere in between in the process.  However, these road warriors showed no weariness, with Isaiah stepping up first. With thoughtful lyrics over a backdrop of glitched out beats, there was no question that the crowd was feeling him. 

Kidz in the Hall were up next, and they proceeded to show this indie-hop crowd how they get down. 

"When you're on the road as an opener, you're always going to be playing for someone else's crowd," said Kidz frontman, Naledge.  "That's why it's important for us to show people what we're about, because while we don't have a following yet, we do have a buzz."

Judging by the bump of their minimal beats, and the eagerness of fans to get that much coveted front row spot, it won't be long before these "Kidz" make the jump from buzz worthy openers to spot rockin' headliners (collabos with Pusha T of The Clipse, Bun B, and the Cool Kids can't hurt either). 

MURS stepped on stage shortly after with a wide eyed smile and a mic in hand. The crowd reaction was immediate once the undeniable sample of the Four Tops "Can't Help Myself" came through the speakers, leading into his recent single "Better Than The Best."  MURS kept the party going throughout his set, even though he claimed he was feeling a little off.  "I think I ripped a testicle or something," he exclaimed on the mic right before treating the crowd to an impromptu rendition/lip syncing of Sublime's classic, "Date Rape." 

He then proceeded to move through a large portion of his catalogue, dropping hits off of his solo efforts and even his verse from "Dirty Girl," off the FELT 2 album. The set soon drew to a close, making room for more somber cuts like "Freak These Tales," a surefire fan favorite.  He didn't necessarily go out with a bang but kept the crowd in his hand until the party people shuffled out of the Entry with huge smiles on their faces. So while MURS might not actually be running for President this time around, his ability to give the people what they want might make him a good pick in 2020. Hey, if the Terminator can do it, why not MURS?

--Dan Marcoulis

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