Mumford and Sons release new single, "I Will Wait," to adoring sighs

Mumford and Sons release new single, "I Will Wait," to adoring sighs
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In the midst of an endless, grueling tour schedule, long, sweaty nights playing sold-out shows, and causing hearts across the country to quiver with emotion, Mumford and Sons have somehow found the time to record a new record -- the recently announced Babel, due out September 25. Just yesterday, the band released their first official single off Babel, the track "I Will Wait," uploaded to their YouTube channel.

The "video" isn't the official video, per se -- the band has released it as the official audio. The clip is nearly five minutes of an endless stretch of sunny highway, while the bluegrassy "I Will Wait" plays on like a road trip anthem.

The song is instantly addictive in that classic Mumford way, with some furious banjo-picking at the onset and at the determined, crescendo-ing chorus. The video ends with a teaser for the band's upcoming shows at Colorado's Red Rocks Ampitheater on August 28 and 29.

"...Diving into the studio between spates of touring, I literally feel that the road has kind of rubbed off into the album," explains bassist Ted Dwane in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "I don't think we were looking for sort of crazy experimental-like stuff for us. Our purpose is to just sing songs and try to serve the song."

Mumford and Sons have always done their best as a live band, something they acknowledge and wholeheartedly encourage. "I Will Wait" doesn't break any new ground, but that's not really the point.

"There's a perception of what we are, but it's sort of based on one album - 12 songs!" exclaims Dwane. "We're really excited to broaden that spectrum of people's perception of what we are musically... We really call ourselves a live band, and it was really important to us to start really exploring that way of recording."

Broadening it, sure... with what sounds a whole lot like Sigh No More Part II, but then again, that will hardly matter to Mumfy's devoted legion of fans. (And to their credit, the band purportedly does introduce drums and a little electric guitar on some tracks.) Babel is poised to sweep the nation up with stirring sensations, and it's everyone's best guess that Mumford and Sons will find audiences all too willing.

Upcoming U.S. tour dates, should you feel like making a special trek:

8/9 Portsmouth, VA - nTelos Wireless Pavilion
8/11 Bristol, Tennessee - Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Show with Mumford & Sons and Dawes, JEFF the Brotherhood, the Very Best, Apache Relay, Simone Felice, Justin Townes Earl and Haim
8/13 Louisville, KY - Louisville Waterfront Park
8/14 Columbus, OH - The LC Pavilion
8/18 - Dixon, Illinois - Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Show with Mumford & Sons and Gogol Bordello, Dawes, Abigail Washburn, the Very Best, Apache Relay and Haim
8/20 Lincoln, NE - Pinewood Bowl Theatre
8/21 Laramie, WY - Gryphon Theatre
8/22 Magna, UT - The Saltair
8/25 - Monterey, CA - Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Show with Mumford & Sons and Gogol Bordello, the Very Best, Apache Relay and Haim
8/28 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
8/29 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
9/1 Aspen, CO - Aspen Jazz Festival

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