Mumford and Sons on Austin City Limits, a play-by-play of sorts

Mumford and Sons on Austin City Limits, a play-by-play of sorts

Mumford and Sons were featured, somewhat predictably, on Austin City Limits this past Saturday. They delivered a rousing five-song set, featuring "Roll Away Your Stone," "Timshel," "Lover of the Light," "Awake My Soul," and "The Cave."

The fellas were received with wild enthusiasm from the audience, and for all intents and purposes, seem to match that zeal on stage. Seriously, watch the generous 20-minute preview (featuring the entire Mumfy set) and ask yourself if you have ever witnessed a happier keyboard or banjo player. Those kids are hopping in place with an infectious joy.

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In case you're busy looking busy at work or something, here are the highlights, play by play, of the video:

00:16 Don't miss that gorgeous, feral grimace on Marcus Mumford's face as he sings "And I will be your goal, to have and to hold" from "Lover Of The Light." It's like, the best part of the whole 20-minute deal.

00:31-00:52 This is where Flogging Molly is playing. We don't really get it, either.

01:32 Nothing else really happens until this point, where Mumfy start playing for real. "Roll Away Your Stone" begins with gentle opening guitar plucks, continuing along like a Celtic serenade, until Marcus steps in with his voice-like-rock-candy vocals. Yum.

02:17 Winston Marshall is thrusting in a somewhat suggestive way in time with his banjo. Just an observation.

05:14 The camera guy gets creative and takes a stage-spanning shot of the hard-playing band from behind some fake foliage. Nice.

06:35 Mumfy starts playing "Timshel." The slow, sad ballad features a four-part harmony from the band, who comforts the listener by asserting that they are "not alone in this." Swoon.

09:46 Marcus takes to the drums for "Lover of the Light." As he sings the first few opening lines, he simultaneously gets comfortable behind the kit, demonstrating superior multitasking skills.

11:08 Cue the horn section! Two trumpets and a trombone, golly. The song gets bigger and Marcus is furiously playing the drums and there's a great big crescendo and sigh.

13:08 And now, the fiddler! We must have the fiddler!

13:56 Marcus lets out a manly, gruff, strangely melodic scream from behind his drum kit, like a primal call of the wild.

19:50 Marcus starts in on set closer "The Cave" with some impressive guitar strumming, and we are once again all swept up on a magic carpet ride through a fast-paced rollicking country tune, where we can decipher every syllabic enunciation from our hero's crisp voice.

20:00 The video preview abruptly cuts off and we are devastated. Inconsolably devastated.

So we're just going to have to live with this meager offering from the number one (folk) rock band in the United States, because while the boys are super busy touring the world following the release of their second full-length album Babel, they have not yet loosened from their delightful lips plans of full-blown 'Merican tour. Again, sigh. 

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