Muja Messiah tonight at Big V's


It can likely be argued that Muja Messiah worked harder for his Picked to Click victory in 2008 than anyone else on the list. He was no newbie to the Twin Cities hip-hop scene when the votes finally put him in the top 10 (or, in this case, top 13)-- he'd been performing shows and making mixes for several years prior.

Which makes it understandable that his attitude about the overdue ovation was decidedly immodest. Hey, when you deserve something, you deserve it, and Gimme Noise isn't about to fault anyone for saying so publicly (well, with the possible exception of picking on Kanye's backstage tantrums at various award ceremonies).

"Patriot Act," featuring Muja Messiah and I-Self Devine.

For whatever reason, Big V's doesn't see hip hop bills all that often. The Triple Rock, the Entry, the Turf-- these are the usual hot spots for a bill like tonight's show. which is exactly what has Gimme Noise interested in this bill.

Picking Big V's, that divey hole in the wall just upstream from the Turf, shows an astute desire for cross-pollenation. A crowd is virtually ensured-- Muja has been packing clubs all year long. But it's an environment that will almost certainly put Muja's fans elbow to elbow with some neighborhood regulars more accustomed to beer and a balgame on V's tiny T.V. than the boom-bip of Muja's production.

So get to V's tonight, a venue that has been struggling to book its weeks with shows worth attending. It'll be a great place to see an award winning MC on the rise, and a good place to spend all your hard earned money. Just don't be surprised if you walk out without your keys and cell phone-- they tend to pour them rather tall in this watering hole.

21+. 9:00 P.M. With Loose Crew, Nerve & DJ Arkitekt, and Radical Chic. Big V's, 1567University Avenue, Saint Paul; 651.645.8472