Muja Messiah hops on Miguel's "Adorn," AKA one of 2012's best singles

Miguel and Muja Messiah
Miguel and Muja Messiah

Talking about one song for a long time can be difficult if it isn't as perfect as Miguel's "Adorn." Off the recently released Kaleidoscope Dream, the gifted R&B singer's second full-length indulgence, this track is the honey on your breakfast toast, the sunshine glinting off the autumn leaves, the tickle at the back of your neck, the generous smile from a stranger, and the right word escaping your lips. Basically it's one of those somethings everyone wants, but going to look for it outright is impossible.

Miguel Pimentel, soon to be 26, has found an ease and warmth in his voice that some folks spend a lifetime working on. Marvin Gaye had it and so did Bill Withers. But he's also got the ear for the right beat, and the skill to put it together himself. "Adorn" is extra special because he assembled it -- presumably with his own joyous and comical "whoop" popping through from time to time -- and it's basically begging rappers to jump on in and take a lyrical journey of their own. In this case, it's 50 percent of Villa Rosa and inspired solo performer Muja Messiah getting caught up in the moment.

It's a big of a thug love tale that unfolds. "Remember that night you bailed me out the county joint? / What a way for a woman like you to earn brownie points," he raps with genuine gratitude in his voice. Later, things heat up and you'll just have to listen if you want to understand how "philanthropist" and "landing strip" fit together. [Via]

A lot of singers are gonna spend some time poring over the rest of Kaleidoscope Dream to figure out how to capture a piece of that magic in their own work. And if this performance by Miguel on Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday night is any indication, this guy has a huge, smoky head start. Check the white shoes.

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