Muja Messiah announces record release, debuts 'Gary Coleman'

I was introduced to Muja Messiah when I saw him open for GZA's "Liquid Swords" tour some years ago (two? three?). Expecting so much out of Gary and getting so much from Muja was a complete letdown and lucky surprise in equal turns. Muja's wry and lithe stage presence, crux, and flow haven't yet seemed to propel as far as I remember thinking he'd go (by now), but next month's release of M-16's just might.

Firstly, the Benzilla-produced single "Gary Coleman" - which I thought was a little middling compared to his "Paper Planes" send-up, or the piany-lovely "At All Cost [My Economics]" (hear both at his Myspace). But you be the judge.

Muja Messiah, "Gary Coleman"

Mua Messiah's M-16's is getting its release Thursday, September 9th at the 7th St Entry.
Muja Messiah w/ DJ Turtleneck, I Self Devine, Black Blondie, Dodi Phy, DJ Benzilla
18+, $6

Muja Messiah announces record release, debuts 'Gary Coleman'

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