Mucca Pazza tomorrow at the Bedlam Theater


Mucca Pazza cheers on the Junior Varsity team.

Imagine it's 1959 in rural Illinois, and a school bus carrying a high school marching band bears down a two lane highway, en route to the big homecoming game.

Now imagine that the bus careens through a guardrail, tumbles down a hillside, crashes into a valley, and explodes, killing all aboard.

Now imagine that, 50 years later, a wizard resurrected this ill-fated marching band to tour once more and fulfill their life's mission.

You have, in an abstract and absurd sense, just imagine Mucca Pazza.

Mucca Pazza live at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

The logistics alone boggle the mind-- how do you get 25 people, and all their brass, woodwinds, reeds and strings from Chicago to Minneapolis to play a show? How do you get them in tune with the fiddle and the guitar? How do you make sure no one gets knocked out by the swinging slide of a half dozen trombones?

Though the planning may perplex, the execution is pure gold. Mucca Pizza is Chicago's punk rock marching band, and they have been making annual or bi-annual visits to the Twin Cities for a few years now.

Oh, we hear you already, decrying gimmickry, espousing a hatred of Sousa marches, rolling your precious little eyes back into their sockets.

And for people too jaded to even admit that the idea is intriguing, we encourage them to stay home, lest they fuck up the scene for everyone else. No one, but no one, who attends a Mucca Pazza show leaves frowning. The musicianship, the coordination-- hell, the sheer idea of Mucca Pazza is something to be marvelled at. And the chance to see them perform for free in the Bedlam parking lot is something no self respecting recovered band geek should miss.

All ages. Free. Bedlam Theater, 1501 Sixth Street South, Minneapolis; 612.341.1038.