MTV VMAs 2011: The 5 most talked about moments from this year's show

It says something about the age we're living in that you don't even need a television to stay caught up with MTV these days, so following along with this year's VMA's required little more than a Twitter account, a couple searches on YouTube, and an unrelenting desire to watch a bunch of pop stars congratulate themselves. Voila! Here's last night's show, distilled down into the five notable moments everyone's talkin' about today.

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Lady Gaga Does Drag

We've known for a while now that Gaga's been developing a male alter ego character -- he first showed up on the cover of a Japanese version of Vogue last year -- and last night Jo Calderone made his first public appearance, opening the show with a stand-up routine and launching into "You and I," complete with a walk-on guitar solo by Queen's Brian May. For all the controversy or whatever that Gaga's cross-dressing was supposed to cause, nothing beats the look of total awe on Dave Grohl's face when May takes the stage. Rock 'n' roll!

Beyonce Has a Bun in the Oven

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Beyonce always said she would have a baby when she was 30, and with that big 3-0 just a few days away she took the opportunity to end her blissful and breathless version of "New Day" by unbuttoning her lil tuxedo jacket to reveal her baby bump to the world. As the crowd goes nuts, the camera pans over to Jay-Z and Kanye West, who are freaking out and doing the proud papa and uncle-to-be routine, and -- oh my god, this baby is going to have such a weird life.

Kanye West Loves 'Surprises'

Speaking of Jay-Z and Kanye, these two were "scheduled" to make a "surprise" appearance, which just about describes to a T the level of spontaneity possible at a show like this. Even Kanye's once-shocking shakeup during the 2009 VMA's (lest you forget the Taylor Swift Incident) has itself become a meme, which was awkwardly reenacted by Katy Perry as she and Ye accepted their award for Best Collaboration. Surprisingly, Kanye just kind of smiled and went along with it, barely flinching when Katy called him "her boo."

Adele's Got Talent! Real Talent!

Between Adele and Beyonce, it's a wonder that "singers" like Katy Perry and Britney Spears are still raking in awards at these kinds of things, but ah, who are we kidding? These awards are hardly based on talent, or else Adele would have surely taken home a trophy for more than just Best Art Direction and Editing on her video for "Rolling in the Deep."

Weezy Does Weezy

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For the "grand finale," Lil Wayne took center stage to sing the Auto-Tuned ballad "How to Love" before tearing most of his clothes off for "John," which was so bleeped out from all the profanities that you could barely follow along with the song. Which was sort of the point -- there was no host at this year's VMAs, and the celebs took advantage of the free-form night to act like there were no parents, either. Swear words!

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