MPLS.TV's "City Of Music" gets a series feature on Pitchfork

After repeatedly catching the attention of Twin Cities music fans with their striking live performance videos that we've regularly featured here on Gimme Noise, the talented folks at MPLS.TV and accomplished director Dan Huiting are now taking their lovely videos to a wider, national audience. Pitchfork has just begun a recurring "City Of Music" feature on their site focusing on the video work of MPLS.TV and Huiting, premiering with a trippy, psychedelic-effects laden performance by Toro Y Moi directed by Huiting and Isaac Gale, and recorded and mixed locally at the Sound Gallery. The videos will continue to be shot at various locations around Minneapolis, and should bring further attention to the prodigious talents of everyone involved in the project.

Director Dan Huiting elaborates a bit on how the project came about--

"I met Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber backstage at Jimmy Fallon. I was there with Bon Iver, who I am currently making a film about. I told him we had been having a hard time getting national bands on our show. Ryan had seen our City of Music videos for Gayngs and Marijuana Deathsquads, and said we should work together and create a series.

I'm super excited to be able to take our City of Music series (which has been going for almost two years, with 50+ episodes) to a national stage. It's really fun to be a big fan of a certain band and actually have the pull to get them to do a video with you. It's a dream come true.

It is presented by Pitchfork, myself, and MPLS.TV. I work with different local talents (like Isaac Gale for Toro y Moi, and the forthcoming Battles and P.O.S. episodes) and we have a rotating cast of shooters that I have worked with on the local City of Music. A lot of folks help out and give their time to make this series cool. It's a very collaborative effort.

There are some challenges. It's tough to get national bands with tight tour schedules to give you 4 hours of their time. There have been a few bands lately that wanted to do the videos, but literally didn't have time while they were here. So that's the biggest challenge, the booking.

The rewards are being able to work with such talented shooters, directors, and audio people and come together in a collaborative effort that represents Minneapolis proudly on a national level."

"City Of Music" featuring Toro Y Moi --

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