MP3: Sole's 'Everyday I'm Hustlin'' (plus his favorite books?)

Anticon record label founder, friend of Rhymesayers and Minneapolis indie rap favorite Sole hit us up today with a new MP3 and, oddly, a list of his favorite books. 

We felt it was only right to share.
Every so often, we get a friendly e-mail from indie rap beardo Tim Holland (as we're sure many of his press friends do), and it's usually got some good bits. This go 'round he includes his remake of Rick Ross' anthem for the overachieving gangsta, 'Everyday I'm Hustlin'".  We think Holland is just having fun on this one, which makes for a good listen considering most of his material is leftfield rap and decently heady. Our favorite line: I was emo / Before Kanye / Made a hipster album...

Click here to listen:

Click [audio-1].

Bonus: Want to be come an unofficial member of the Sole book club? Holland included a list of his favorite books, and here's a few titles:

  • Hyperion by Dan Simmons: This is the best science fiction I have ever read
  • The Testament by Francois Villon: This is probably my favorite piece of poetry.
  • Violence by Slavoj Zizek: I love reading what this guy has to say, because he is alive and always offers a new perspective on current events.
  • City and the Stars by Arthur C Clark : This is the book that Ilifted the cover for [new album] Plastique from, or shall I say, a very old outdated out of print version from the 50s. This is a dystopian novel written in the 50s in the spirit of 1984 or brave new world. millions of years in the future, humanity finds itself holed up in an automated society, with all remaining humans living in a logan's run-esque dome.
  • White Noise by Don Delillo: This book is fantastic. Delillo is one of the great living writers.
  • Gag Rule by Lewis Lapham: Another one of my favorite writers. Gag Rule is a book he put out a few years ago basically covering the history of censorship in america, written in the typical Lapham prose. This guy is brilliant.