MP3 of the Week: City on the Make

MP3 of the Week: City on the Make

Mike Massey of City on the Make, by Alexa Jones.

Welcome to a new weekly Gimme Noise feature. Each week, we will post an mp3 from a local band and open up a discussion in the comments for you, the readers, to leave your feedback. The mp3s we post will be from a variety of genres and styles -- the only requirement is that the band is from Minnesota. Local bands can submit mp3s for consideration to me at [email protected]

Our first featured mp3 is from 

City on the Make

, a gritty, grimy blues-punk band from south Minneapolis. The track, "Chicks on Bikes," is off of last year's EP 


, which I wrote about a few weeks ago in our 

Year in Music

 issue. It's a summer song about, well, chicks on bikes and hot days and long nights, and the shimmering guitar hooks and Mike Massey's warm growl are perfect for an arctic January day.

Click on the link to download:

Take a listen and leave your comments below.

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