mp3: Felt, "Protagonists"

mp3: Felt, "Protagonists"

The saga continues! This weekend, Rhymesayers posted yet another clue for the upcoming Slug and Murs collaboration, Felt 3, along with an mp3 for the first song off the album, "Protagonists." Once the mp3 is loaded into iTunes, the track reveals that the producer for the album is Aesop Rock. Now all that's left to discover is the full album title. See below for the full run-down of hints that have been provided.

mp3: Felt, "Protagonists"

Clue #1
Murs + Slug + ? = Felt 3: A Tribute to _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _

Clue #2
This producer once attended a New York City movie premiere with this leading lady.

Clue #3 maybe we mislead everybody a little bit. He didn't exactly attend the premiere with her but they were both there. Please accept this gift: free gift (right click, save as to download...) as our sincerest apology.

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