Mousey McGlynn on North Dakota, MTV, and Jesus

Mousey McGlynn on North Dakota, MTV, and Jesus

Don't let the name fool you, North Dakota-based artist Mousey McGlynn is not a timid artist. The electro-pop musician expresses her talents not only musically, but also visually. Her single "Faith +1 (Sunday)" plays into the sound perfectly, swirling, warm, yellow/gold (if sound can be described in color), and catchy with snappy beats and chattering vocals.

To put her song into perspective, Mousey is releasing a music video for the single on Sunday at the Republic. Gimme Noise caught up with her to get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making the video.

Gimme Noise: How does a North Dakota girl get into electro-pop?

Mousey McGlynn: Yes, I live in the land of classic rock cover bands, but I'm more of an North Dakota transplant. I moved to North Dakota from London and I spent a lot of time there working with drum and bass, house, and electronic acts. So when I sit down and work on my music, it's impossible to leave my influences behind. I'm definitely not making British dance music, but I am writing pop songs, and dance music elements keep finding their way into my production. I think it works.

GN: You mentioned that you like to make music videos. Why is this?

MM: I love making music videos. I've always thought you could do some beautiful film making and story telling using that medium. Growing up watching MTV in the '90s probably plays into my music video idealism too. Music videos can be artistic and make a statement but pop music has become cynical with its product placements/bling/aspiration-lifestyle-dreadfulness. Being self-funded and not having any record label patrons, I don't have to worry about that at all. I feel I can do what I want, and it would be a travesty not to. I made a promise to myself to never make a "I'm going to sit around the club and look cool" video. That's going to be an easy goal to achieve.
GN: Do you embody a different character each video?

MM: It's not so much that I embody a different character in each video, it's more that all of the songs have a different message and vibe and it's important for each music video to reflect that. Getting out wigs, creating digital environment on green screen, fun post production (super-extra fun for the editor, I should add), 3D animation, and non-ND appropriate wardrobe pieces all contribute to each video having their own, unique, aesthetic.

GN: Who did you work with for this video?

MM: I worked with the wonderful, wacky Whiteout Media of Minneapolis. Each time I've had an idea for a video, they'll run with it, augment it, and come up with something greater than I could have realized on my own. We have a good collaboration going on and more projects planned for next year.

GN: Did you come up with the story concept? I saw a car in front of a green screen. Can you give us a preview on what happens in the video?

MM: Jesus and I go on a date and hilarity ensues because, as lovely a chap as he is, we're not on the save wave length. The song "Faith+1 (Sunday)" is the most unabashed pop tune I've ever written -- so much so that it scares me. It deserved an equally brazen and cheery video to compliment it. It was actually a friend of mine, Luke Johnson, who came up with the date with Jesus concept, and Whiteout Media and I ran with it. We had a lot of fun coming up with gratuitous gags. There is nothing subtle or nuanced about this piece.

GN: For people who have never seen your show, what can they expect at the Republic?

MM: They can expect a woman, who's spent most of her music making career sat in front of a computer, out playing with real musicians, and having a ball. I've finally been released from my sound proofed cell!

Mousey McGlynn will debut her music video "Faith+1 (Sunday)" on Sunday, December 9, 2012 at the Republic, 7 Corners.
Click here for Facebook event.
AA, Free, 7 pm

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