Mother of Fire prepare for LP-release show tonight


Continuing the momentum of last year's self-titled slab of wax, Mother of Fire are set to deliver another stew of mystically tinged, violin-flavored bounce that you can bug out to with their latest self-titled LP, courtesy of local De Stijl imprint, this weekend. With a more organic and analog purist approach, the band has joined forces with producer Mike Wisti to put together a better impression of the live sound that has had the tall bikes and dreadlock kids bathing in the glow of their sonic forward energy since the young band started just a few years ago. Mixing up the elements of catastrophic impressionism with a hypnotic beat that has become a signature of the Twin Cities underground experimental scene from TVBC to Skoal Kodiak, Mother of Fire turn up the groove with churning catgut and vocal melodies and a more tribal approach.

Before tonight's huge record release party on the edge of Minneapolis' West Bank at the Bedlam Theatre, on a night that provides plenty of roots fodder with experimental thrill all up Cedar Avenue, the band took some time to break down what went into the new record and what's in store for Mother of Fire in the near future.

This is the second record from Mother of Fire. How did you approach making the songs and recording, art and design for this one that was different from the first? It's really pretty!

Having Andie on drums was very different from battling that drum machine. It made the process much more organic and energetic. It felt more humane and natural. We didn't have to use headphones and track it one at a time and we got to rock out live and that was much more fun. There's a give and take with a live human drummer that is very different from the cold and calculating pummeling the MPC delivers.

As for the artwork, the Lambs LP was a screen print of a pillow case Naomi and Jason bought while backpacking in India. The new art is a painting by Naomi.

What can people who have never seen Mother of Fire expect from your live performance? Do you have anything special planned for the record release show tonight?

They can expect a sublime cocktail of nausea, an overactive sympathetic nervous system (sweatiness, increased heart rate, addrenaline, fight or flight response, etc.). Euphoria, an expanse in consciousness, a slowing down and speeding up of time. Or perhaps just the power of some Friday night rock 'n' roll.

And yes, we have some tricks up our sleeves for the show. Not to be missed!

Using the violin in the setting of your type of music can be a bit of a challenge. Do you tune it differently or ever feel the need to completely destroy the delicate instrument on stage to be all arty and cool and stuff?

I've been playing experimental/arty rock 'n' roll with that violin for 10 years, so it feels pretty natural at this point. The tuning is the same as the first chair violinist in the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. As an instrument, it's so much a part of who I am, I could never imagine smashing it. My grandfather, who played violin in the operas in Paris, gave it to me as a gift when I was nine.

What are your plans for the summer and into the future? Do you ever think of running for office?

On Friday, July 16th we'll embark on a two-week tour of the East Coast. Our first stop is the Bitch Pork Festival in Chicago. We're playing with Skoal Kodiak that night, so that will be fun. We've also got 3 nights in NYC, which is always really good. We'll be back to play a few shows in August before trying to work up some new songs.

I don't think we're cut out for politics.

Finally, who do you have picked for the World Cup? Or could you not really give a flying fuck?!

I think we don't really give a flying fuck, but it'd be cool if Spain beat Netherlands.

MOTHER OF FIRE play a record release show with Paul Metzger, Brute Heart and International Novelty Gamelan TONIGHT at the Bedlam Theatre. 10PM $5 18+

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