Motel 6 to offer free rooms to touring bands


Act quick, you touring musicians, because this is one of those ideas that will be rescinded within mere moments of its implementation.

Straight from the horse's mouth-- in an effort to boost their sagging image as a grandmotherly motel chain, Motel 6 is offering free rooms to traveling bands, on the condition that the bands agree to give Motel 6 a shout out online or onstage.

There are conflicting opinions on what is and is not selling out. Getting sponsored by Jagermeister ('sup, Hinder?)? Selling out. Muttering "thanks, Motel 6" while tuning your guitar in exchange for a shower, a bed, and a free chocolate? We'll authorize ourselves to make this ruling right now-- that is not, we repeat, NOT, selling out.

If this idea actually comes to fruition as promised, it's going to change the entire dynamic of tour. What were once month long road trips, marked by foul smelling socks and drifting clouds of stale B.O. and dried beer, in which bandmates huddle together like sardines, cramped and kinked from a night's doze on a concrete floor, will be replaced by the clean shaven and well rested nights only a Motel 6 can offer.

Oddly, however, it's doubtful that rock bands have been passing over Motel 6 due to its elderly image. Ain't it more likely that, in a certain way, sleeping in 15 minute shifts in the cargo hold of a minivan and stinking up your favorite pair of jeans with a cologne of beer, sweat , and dried blood is just part of the fun?