Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

Despite the head-scratching nature of the new venture, you've gotta admit there's something sort of endearing about the idea of Motörhead frontman Lemmy curling up for a cozy night in with a bottle of his band's new branded Australian Shiraz, a good book and maybe a few logs blazing away in the fireplace.

At least, that's the first image that pops into our heads at the mention of the new Motörhead Shiraz 2010, a wine that promises to have "a very fruity aroma with flavours of vanilla, blackberries, plums, eucalyptus and liquorice." Even a press release with a statement from Lemmy himself has to stretch to make the connection between Motörhead's roaring metal songs and this quaint new collaboration.

As Lemmy says: "My advice is --  approach it with caution. I mean, wine is deceptive, anything can happen." Dude, totally.

In honor of the new Motörhead vino, we thought we'd take a gander at some of the other more memorable rock 'n' roll-inspired booze lines to surface in recent memory -- including another iconic rock band who just announced their own line of booze last week.

Teetotalers KISS make their own wine and beer

Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

Never ones to pass up a gimmick or marketing opportunity -- or maybe inspired by all of the planning for Gene Simmons' recent wedding -- KISS have jumped on the custom liquor train with two different products: A new Zin Fire wine and a line of beer called Destroyer. The zinfandel is said to taste like blackberry and pepper, while Destroyer is a German beer. Though both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are non-drinkers, they both offered up quotes in support of the new products. "This stuff will set your taste buds on fire," Stanley claims, somehow.

Sammy Hagar paves the way for future shilling

Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

How could we discuss the rock 'n' roll liquor industry without noting original booze opportunist Sammy Hagar, a.k.a. the Red Rocker. Hagar owns a chain of cantinas and also founded the line of Cabo Wabo tequilas. Mmm, tastes like blue!

Vince Neil copies Sammy Hagar, poorly

Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

Motley Crue's Vince Neil liked the idea of custom-made tequila so much that he decided to launch his own brand, Tres Rios. Conveniently, he released a new solo album, Tattoos and Tequila, and a book by the same name -- cross-marketing at its finest. But he forgot to hire someone to make his booze taste not-terrible, and reviewers have called it "unpalatably bitter." Oops.

Marilyn Manson gets into the absinthe business

Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

Now this one actually makes sense. Marilyn Manson's brooding, industrial metal music is the perfect complement to a beverage that will warmly ensconce your senses and lead you into total memory-wiping darkness.

Dan Aykroyd puts vodka in skulls, and it's delicious

Motörhead's new shiraz and other bizarre rock 'n' roll booze

OK, so he's not a rock musician per se, but how could we skip over one of the Blues Brothers? Dan Aykroyd, a.k.a. Elwood Blues, is the man behind the successful Crystal Head Vodka company. You can tell it's fancy, because they filter it through crystals, and actually serve it at bars.

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