Morris Day & The Time announce reunion show (VIDEOS)

Morris Day & The Time announce reunion show (VIDEOS)

Gimme Noise learned today that longtime Minneapolis icon Morris Day and his band the Time are coming to Epic for a family reunion show on June 13. It's a fitting premise for a Time gig, given that their members, fanbase and extended crew have embodied a "we are family" vibe since the early days of First Avenue and Purple Rain. The show will feature original members Day, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jelly Bean Johnson, Jerome Benton, Jesse Johnson, and Monty Moir. 

"This is going to be a legendary night in Minneapolis," said Epic booking manager Beecher Vaillancourt, upon revealing the announcement. Since we certainly agree, we put together a few of our favorite videos from Morris and crew...

Here, Morris is interviewed by a former CP contributor about his show at Treasure Island ("Where are we again?"). We love the CP shout-out at the end:

Great edited footage from Purple Rain that showed the rivalry between Morris and The Kid:

And last but not least, some Jungle Love all up in here:

Morris Day & The Time announce reunion show (VIDEOS)

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