More Celebrity Blogging: Now That's Excessive!

More choice URLs for people who like exhibitionist stars. (See "Celebrity Blogging")

Jeff Bridges writes in longhand, draws doodles. "Finished shooting The Mogels. It's sort of a porn meets Capra kind of thing. It's written and directed by Mike Traeger. The script is quite bizarre and refreshing. This will be Mike's directorial debut. I've got a really good feeling about this guy--been having a lot of fun jamming with him."

Asia Carerra posts pregnant photos, muses about porn-star parenthood. "Mommy's boobs are so big now that the whole family can use them for pillows!!"

Brendan Fehr: Roswell's devout star confesses. "Have I learned something from a movie I just did? Yes... Do I think I'm going to hell because it's American Pie on steroids? Well, let's just say me and God have been talking and I had a lot of explaining to do. None of it was sufficient or worked really so He just said with a sigh, 'Oh well, I guess I promised forgiveness always so you kinda put Me in a corner but next time, don't make it so hard on Me.'"

Wil Wheaton: The grown-up star of Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation is humorous, persistent, and above all candid: "Holy shit. I just realized something. My website is one of the ugliest things on all the Internets."

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