Moonstone tonight at the Turf Club


Photo by Nick Vlcek.

By now, you might have seen Moonstone. One hopes, anyway. Before the Picked to Clickers had even played their first bar show, their rep was city wide. Their success in the scene was a foregone conclusion, and it's no wonder--we can waste words on how intricate their melodies are, and how psychologically exotic is their subject matter.

But who has the time? It's Wednesday, and Moonstone fucking rocks.

Dante & the Lobster opens the show.

Moonstone are as well known around town for Reverend Micah Mackert's mid-set sermons as for their furiously virtuosic musicianship. Marrying elements of every hot vintage currently setting critic's ears afire, like Krautrock, prog, and classic 70s pop rock, Moonstone's extract is of the finest quality.

Opening the set are Dante & the Lobster, the quixotically named local trio who just released their first album to widespread local acclaim from listeners. They're pop rock with a twist of psychadelia. In short, it's just what your spinning head needs to find its bearing on this chilly hump day.

And for those who are intrigued by Moonstone's prophetic leanings, check out their holy texts.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $6.00. With Grandchildren. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.