Moonstone reveals album art

Moonstone reveals album art

Front cover to Moonstone's forthcoming album. Art by Michael Gaughan.

Picked To Clickers Moonstone have already developed a handy reputation as virtuosic musicians and flummoxing absurdist thinkers. Their mix of prog rock and cultish sermonizing has put them near the top of the local rock pile, and has landed them an east coast tour (which they're currently on), and all this without releasing an album.

Well, unbate thy breath, Moonstone devotees. The album is recorded, and the artwork has been made public. Head below the jump to check out the rear. Believe us--you've never seen anything like it.

Moonstone reveals album art

Rear cover of Moonstone's forthcoming album. Art by Michael Gaughan.

The stunning celestial psychosexual imagery is visually breathtaking, and is the work of Michael Gaughan, the singular inventor/performer behind bygone local acts Ice Rod and Brother Sister.

Other rumors abound about Moonstone's unreleased album--a bound book of Reverend Mackert's sermons? These are unconfirmed whispers. But with a band this ambitious and forward thinking, you can never be certain.

Hear them on Myspace. Befriend them on Facebook.

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