Moonstone and Slapping Purses tonight at the Turf Club


Slapping Purses. He's the one on the right.

Not too long ago, we said that Slapping Purses just might be the best band in town. And we meant it, and despite some outcry about other great bands (there's no shortage in our fair cities) we're not budging. Hey, we're stubborn contrarians. It's our job to not budge.

But we'll append that statement for Moonstone. While Slapping Purses wears the "possibly best band" sash, we'll adorn Moonstone with "most exciting new band in years" sash.

Because they are. Flat out. No questions. Some of you might have seen them at Heliotrope, others might have seen them at the handful of shows they've played at venues and houses across town. And most of you probably haven't seen them at all. Moonstone is an unholy marriage of prog rock and electro-- powered by a driving beat, their virtuosic musicianship soars. They've got synthesizers, talkbox, and a guy who gives sermons between songs. We know, as music critics, that we're obligated to a certain level of critical discourse, but seeing and hearing Moonstone is best summed up thusly: FUCKING SWEET!

Slapping Purses, of course, is the one man noise dance project your ears never heard coming. If you don't dance, it's probably just because you're transifxed by the force of the sound. Corroded, raw, dirty and good, just like everything you loved before you were too old to be told better. It's music for the part of the brain that still wants to roll around in the mud.

Every good show needs bonus features-- tonight's bonus featue is the dance party in the Clown Lounge. Free of charge, full of beautiful people, and supplied with all the beer you can drink without falling over, there's no good reason in the world to miss the Turf Club tonight.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $5.00. With Tender Meat. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.