Moon Glyph's Regolith, Vol. 1 release tonight at the Turf

As I type this Regolith, Vol. 1 is spinning around on my record player, a terrific white full moon slab of vinyl with contributions from Leisure Birds, Magic Castles, Dante & The Lobster, Velvet Davenport, Camden, Vampire Hands, Daughters of the Sun, The Blind Shake, Skoal Kodiak and Moonstone; an amazing survey of our cities' multivalent talents that has rightfully garnered some national attention.

This fine piece of work is having its release show tonight at the Turf Club, with Camden, Magic Castles (whose "Patron Saint" is a lilting and lovely piece of beachside pop), Vampire Hands, and Velvet Davenport. That's no show to shake a stick at; the Turf usually sounds fantastic, Moon Glyph is one of the more exciting things going on in town, and the bands couldn't be more perfectly suited to a sunny summer Thursday evening.

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