Moon Glyph's Regolith, Vol. 1 cross-sects a lovely scene

"The local music scene is just unbelievable right now so I figured it's time to document a little glimpse." That's Steve Rosborough, the person behind Moon Glyph, a project/label/boutique releasing the record just to the right next month on July 13th. "Moon Glyph began when I decided to self-release a cassette from my duo, Olives. That was at least the practical application of something I had considered for a while previously." Up to now they have released ten cassettes of psych, ambient, and experimental pop, with Regolith, Vol. 1 as their first vinyl record, and, for my part, the most exciting.

I'll let the bands on the compilation speak for themselves: Skoal Kodiak, Leisure Birds (their first available recording which you can hear below and download on the Moon Glyph site), The Blind Shake, Daughters Of The Sun, Moonstone...a cross-section of the hot-as-shit music being created around here. The record is a run 500 on white vinyl that comes with a download card for the poseurs, and will be available in local shops around town and is up for pre-order at their website. A record release show is in the works as well and holy moles, what a show that could be.

Summer will see the Moonface Label (that's what I call them now I decided) release cassettes from PC Worship, Velvet Davenport, and Food Pyramid. Considering the curating that's going on over there, we'd all be best served keeping an eye on them.

Moon Glyph's website

Lesiure Birds, "Burn the Beach"